07 October 2011

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04 July 2011

thelaunderette.blogspot.com is now....


Wait... what?

Allow me to explain in case this blog has somehow been trapped in your favorites or in some one's blogroll for the past three years.

Well, three years ago, I set this blog to private because I didn't want it anymore. I never delete anything and keep documentation of everything-- learned that from my pops. Anyways, since then, I've started a new blog, graduated from college, and am now in the process of starting an online boutique, which, coincidentally, I've wanted to do for the past three years... at least.

I always thought The Launderette would be a good name and that's what brings me back here. I've just registered my domain and I'm excited to get things going! So, please, check it out HERE! (Or up there^. Either way.)